Life; some say it’s fragile, some say it’s short. All that we know is that life happens! We study hard then we walk into the job of our dreams and then we earn the money that others have always dreamt of.

Then life happens; you have a tiff with your boss that eventually leads to an unfair dismissal, CCMA cases, unpaid bills and then the dreaded default listing on a credit bureau. After all these mishaps, you remember Loan Connector SA.

We are proud to bring you a convenient Multi-Functional Service Plan that connects you with the correct individuals to provide you with the correct advice when needing to deal with life’s little happenings. Our product will put you into contact with professionals who will be able to offer you the correct advice on solving your problems. If you need prompt service, professional advice and brilliant customer service, then Loan Connector SA, it’s well trained staff and its affiliates are ready to assist you.